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Review: One From Many “The Alleged Album” LP by David Ling

As a TV Editor, Online Editor, Producer and Director of over six hundred extreme sports, music and lifestyle television shows on networks including NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports Net, FUSE and MTV2 it’s been my good fortune to work with songs that represent some of the best and most popular rock and roll music in the world.   From platinum selling artists to punk bands on indie labels I’ve been fortunate to mix and edit TV master audio tracks with the full spectrum of rock music.  It was my good fortune to work with thousands of great songs in my career and it’s just as much my good fortune to hear and review four songs from the upcoming album from One From Many (O.F.M.) “The Alleged Album.”


The progression of rock music is exactly as Sir Isaac Newton described his place in the world; “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  One From Many has been compared to significant Alternative Rock bands and deservedly so.  One From Many stands on the shoulders of giants and emerges at the forefront of the evolution of rock and roll.  Rather than writing a broad sweeping review of their music I’d like to address the elements of four songs. 




From the opening fuzz bass, “Retrospective” is as tight as it gets.  The chorus belongs in a hit record.  I hear more than the melody in the chorus, I hear future great songwriting.




Mix one part Hoobastank and one part Foofighter in a laboratory beaker and you get O.M.F.’s, “Headstrong.”  O.M.F. singer Andrew Supina could sing for Hoobastank or any band.  The guy is good.


Evil Silence


Power pop.  Folk punk.  Alternative rock.  Clean tones.  What separates this song from classic 1960’s New Christy Minstrels?   Amazing melodic vocals.  Brilliant arrangement.  Great musicianship.   Superb producing.   Great engineering.  1960’s New Christy Minstrels

can’t catch up.


Your Eyes


A pure example of progressive alt rock with vocals carrying the day.  The arrangement is impeccable.  Tight is an understatement.  The music elevates me, this is the reason for music.


The band members are:


Andrew Supina – lead singer

Josh McCormick –  guitar

Joshua Elie – guitar

Joe von Hagen – bass


The highest compliment is that a band has their own sound.  One From Many has their own sound.


Dave Ling – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1093610/